The Seven Year Itch – A NEW link-up

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A short time after my husband and I got married, I was invited to a designer’s workshop at a friend’s home.  She had just finished an amazing home (my husband’s company built the home) and had decorated it just the way she loved with the help of an interior decorator.  She asked the interior decorator to host the workshop and talk with a small group of ladies about making their home uniquely theirs on any budget.

I do not remember much about the workshop, but one thing she said stuck with me after all these years.  She said,

“The average American homemaker redecorates her home every seven years.”

I thought she was crazy.  (more…)

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The 7 Year Itch – Inspiring Ideas for Home

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I can’t believe it has already been a month since the last 7 Year Itch update!  This summer is almost over for us and it was so fast!  I am excited because it is finally getting cool enough to go outside in the evening without feeling like going immediately back indoors.  Sadly we haven’t made much progress on our remodeling projects since last month.  {frown face}  But patience is being worked as we slowly get the projects done.  I got lots of inspiration from last month’s linked-up projects and I am so excited to share with you what we did get done. (more…)

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The 7 Year Itch – Living Room Reveal

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Living Room makeover - big change!

It has been ages since we did an update on our remodel in our home.  Partly because life was just too busy, but partly because our remodel has turned into a season of patience building for me.  As I have said before, since my husband is a builder, we have to fit in where we can with the subs.  This means that we have great discounts on the work and materials!  But it also means we have to wait until they can fit our remodel into their schedules.  I know that every one says that remodeling always take longer than you think they will, but this has really taken MUCH longer than I would have liked!


This is what our living room looked like at this time last year.  We had already given our plans for the remodel to our cabinet-maker, and we were in the midst of waiting for them to schedule the install of the cabinets.  It was a LONG wait! (more…)

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7 Year Itch: Laundry Room Makeover

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Laundry Rom Make-over Reveal -a simple redecorating project

FINALLY!  I am finally ready to reveal our laundry room makeover.  You have been getting glimpses of it through some of the posts I have been doing since the beginning of the year, but now I have some amazing pictures (thanks to my friend Erica) to show you just how big the difference is!

When we first moved in to our house about 8 years ago, we were blessed to have an “indoor” laundry room.  At our first house the laundry was in the un-drywalled garage.  It just felt dirty even if the laundry was clean.  A few months before we moved, we had purchased our front loaders for the laundry.  The indoor laundry room was completely empty except for the washer and dryer.  So, my husband had his cabinet-makers make some cabinets to maximize the storage options in the room.  They added uppers and a countertop over the washer/dryer and created a large cabinet on the perpendicular wall with lots of hidden and exposed storage options.  And we painted the walls a cool teal/blue.  I fashioned some curtains to cover the washer/dryer when I didn’t want them to be exposed.  And that was our laundry room for quite a while.  (more…)

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Living Room Organization – “Wait No More” Challenge

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love this room!

We “finished” our living room remodel toward the end of last year.  But as with most projects, there is always something more to be done.  We are quite possibly the slowest decision-makers I know – especially when it comes to spending money and choosing things for our home.  But our patience usually pays off by getting exactly what we want, when we need it, and at a great price.  That happened this week for us with the baskets in our living room.  We designed our living room shelving unit to hold some larger baskets at the bottom without knowing what baskets we would purchase to go there.  And the search was long and arduous until my husband came home with two baskets he found on clearance at Target – and now we finally have our living room organization complete! (more…)

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