Why Your House Smells Like Diapers

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Face it: your house stinks because of diapers. Here's what you did wrong and how to fix it fast! These are the diaper pail solutions you NEED!

I have been on an extended run of diaper duty: SEVEN YEARS (!!) with no end in sight! Four kids under 7, means A LOT of diapers and A LOT of, ahem…smells. I know I am not the only homemaking mama that has tried it all to make sure that when welcoming guests into her home, they are not immediately tipped off to the fact that my day is full of diaper duty. Because, let’s be real:


It took me almost 5 full years of diaper duty to discover the real-deal solutions to the diaper stink problem in my home, and I know you are going to want to know this, too!

We currently have two little ones in diapers. Ugh… and I have been working on this problem since long before we had our second baby. We discovered some things along the way that helped; but I solved the entire diaper stink problem.

First: You are Doing it Wrong!!

I was, too!  Don’t worry, you can fix it! Here are the common STINK situation problems and how to remedy them.  (more…)

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First Foods and First Messes

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first foods and first messes - cleaned up with super soft WaterWipes

This post was sponsored by WaterWipes as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.  As always, all opinions are mine.

Baby skin is SO soft and so sweet.  I am not sure exactly when it loses that special baby-soft quality, but I know it disappears.  I have had friends want to smell my children, touch their whisper soft cheeks and soak in the sweet baby-ness that only lasts an instant.  Our sweet little man (AG) still has it – he is 8 months old – and I am soaking it up while I can.

Soon the snakes and snails and puppy dog tails will take over.  Our sweet little cuddle-bug  will be running around jumping in mud puddles.   Those milestone first foods will become first messes!  For now the messes are staying quite contained. (more…)

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Sensory Play for Baby with Tissue Paper

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baby play tissue paper - discovering the world through simple sensory play

Our youngest one (AG, 7 months) is finally getting around a little bit more and spending more time awake during the day.  And it is so fun to watch him, as his sister says, “learn how to play.”  The discoveries he makes each day are so fun!  And this portion of his growing up is so fleeting – I feel the need to soak it all up!  Today we were playing with him and I just quickly decided to throw in a little sensory fun into the mix.  And it was so simple and added up to so much fun for all of us!

All we added to the mix was some colorful tissue paper!

This is such a great early sensory experience for AG because he is getting so much sensory input:

  • the wrinkling of the tissue paper provides something new to touch
  • the crinkling of the tissue paper provides something new to hear
  • the color of the tissue paper provides something new to see, and
  • the movement of the paper provides something new to wonder at

To create your own sensory play for baby, here are some ideas for introducing tissue paper play: (more…)

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Early Development, Learning, and Fun: Baby Play – Sound

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baby play sound 2

The sitting, early crawling stage is such fun for babies and parents!  It is a time of exploration, discovery, and enlightenment.  We so enjoyed this stage with our first one but with time constraints couldn’t write it down and save it.  That is why I am so excited to be able to record the baby play activities we are doing with our W.

I love having some one on one time with her and being intentional about the brief quiet moments we have together.  So, while her big sister is napping we PLAY!  She develops, learns and has lots of fun (Oh, and I guess I do too!).

Here is how we first explored sound together: (more…)

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Baby Play

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Baby Play


I love to watch the eyes of our little ones as they experience something for the first time.  The look of interest mixed with joy or even discomfort (pureed peas, anyone?) is  priceless.  So I guess you could say it is my newest addiction.  But it is an addiction that inspires me to come up with different ways to see that look.  We had so much fun with each new experience with our oldest girl and are enjoying it just as much the second time around.

But this time, I am not pregnant (…yet) and so I have the opportunity to not only experience these firsts but to write about them here.  Thus, I am starting a new series called Baby Play where we will explore the earliest introductions to simple concepts with our little one through play.  Who says learning can’t be fun (and early)? (more…)

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Simple Baby Play: Ball Basics

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simple baby play ideas using balls - simple ideas for baby play and learning

There is SO much a baby can learn and enjoy with a simple collection of balls!  We explored textures, colors, and shapes among other things this week  when we focused on playing with balls with W.  We gathered up all the balls in the house and found a ways to play with her individually and with her older sister, G.  I thought I would share with you the simple ways we introduced ball play with W.  The benefits of simple baby play are many – helping to work on fine and gross motor skills, vocabulary, color recognition, sensory stimulation, and more.


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